Budithi Craft of Andhra Pradesh Budithi, a village in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh is the birthplace for Budithi brass craft items Read more

Lost-Wax Casting of Andhra Pradesh The first known evidence of lost wax process cast is the famous dancing girl of Mohenjo Daro, dating back to 3rd B.C. Read more

Durgi Craft of Andhra Pradesh Around 15th century, at the Nagarjuna Konda Hills, a group of 300 Buddhists followers came together to carve Buddha statues, idols and stupas illustrating Buddhism. Read more

Lac Handicraft of Andhra Pradesh The mention of Lac dates back to the Vedas. The Atharvaveda discusses Lac in detail and talks about its production and uses. Read more

Kalamkari Craft of Andhra Pradesh Kalamkari motifs were present in costumes and draperies in the Ajanta and Ellora frescoes. Read more

Pearl Craft of Andhra Pradesh The history of enchanting pearls can be traced back to the Nizams period. Nizams who ruled Hyderabad for around 200 years. Read more

Metal Craft of Andhra Pradesh There is no pin-point in history available to know when metal crafts emerged. Read more

Kondapalli Toys of Andhra Pradesh The 400 year old tradition of Kondapalli toys migrated from Rajasthan in the 16th century to Kondappali, a village in Andhra Pradesh. Read more
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