Shital Pati Craft of West Bengal The English translation of Shital pati is cool mats. Read more

Cane and Bamboo Handicrafts of West Bengal Bamboo and Cane Crafts of West Bengal are renowned for their extensive use and popularity. Read more

Coconut Craft of West Bengal The craft of coconut embraces various myths, legends and faiths. Archaeological reports highlight that the coconut craft made inroads to India around 900 years ago from Iraq. Read more

Dhokra Metal Craft of West Bengal One of the oldest examples of this art form is the acclaimed Dancing Girl of the Indus Valley civilization. Read more

Dolls of West Bengal The Dolls of West Bengal are engraved with 250 years of inspiring history. Read more

The Idol Making Craft of Bengal Kumartuli, a neighborhood in Kolkata, occupies a very significant place in the history of Indian handicrafts. Read more

Masks of West Bengal According to its mysterious history, witches started the practice of wearing masks Read more

Shell Craft of West Bengal The enriching heritage of West Bengal’s shell craft dates back to around 400 years. Read more

Wooden Carved Handicrafts of West Bengal Wood Carving is one of the exclusive art forms of West Bengal. Read more

Leather Craft of Bengal In Rig Veda (it dates back to 3000 B.C) leather use is mentioned in the form of mashaks for water. Read more
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