Lost-Wax Casting of Andhra Pradesh

Origin: The first known evidence of lost wax process cast is the famous dancing girl of Mohenjo Daro, dating back to 3rd B.C. The bronze Chola icon of Lord Nataraja belonging to the 8-1S"" century A.D. and the bronze figurine of a Mother Goddess belonging to the Iron Age are both cast by lost wax process. 

Lost wax casting is also known as Bronze casting. Bronze, an alloy, constitutes of 85% copper and 5% each of lead, tin and zinc
For more than 4,000 years, Indian craftsmen have played with this craft producing gorgeous pieces. Andhra Pradesh is home to a large percentage of master craftsmen. 

In the bygone era, prior to creating the beautiful bronze idols, the craftsmen had to cautiously study Shilpashastra verses. Titled dhyana, these verses speak of physical measurements, proportions, description of the deity, characteristics, symbolism and above all, aesthetics.  

Also, like in the case of most handicraft items, nature played a significant role. Fish or neem leaf were taken as inspiration while making eyes. For making upper lip, a clue was picked up from the bows shape. 

Present Day:  In Andhra Pradesh, talented artisans use Bronze to create an array of products such as several idols of Hindu god and goddesses, Buddha, decoration items, flower pots etc. The gorgeous shine and look of this product ensures that it appeals to the customers. 

Bronze craft items have a huge demand in national and international market. A large number of start-ups and online market places are supporting these craft items. They buy from artisans and sell these products to international market. Even the Government has adopted various steps to support these artisans. 

Procedure: The raw materials required are brass, Aari Mitti/Chikti Mitti (Black Soil), Bhoosa (Rice Husk), Rui Mitti (Riverside Soil), Gobar (Cow-dung), Lal Mitti (Red Soil), Sem Patta (Bean Leaves), Mome (Wax), Jalawan (Fire Wood), Koyla (Wood Coal). The tools required are Hammer, Wooden mallet, Pichki-pharni, Chisel, Pliers, Tongs and Wire brushes. 

This elaborate process depends on the sculpture size. The process includes the following steps: modelling, moulding, de-waxing, casting and finishing.

Bring Home Bronze Casting of Andhra Pradesh: To decorate your house with gorgeous bronze craft items stop by at Kalanjali Arts & Crafts, Nampally, Hyderabad or Lepakshi Handicrafts Emporium, Gun foundry, Hyderabad & Minerva Complex. You can also pick these gorgeous pieces online. 

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