Marble Handicrafts An illustration of the beauty and splendor of marble structure is Taj Mahal. Read more

Blue Pottery of Rajasthan When Chinese art played with Persian art, a new technique was born. Soon, Mughals made friends with blue gaze and introduced it to Kashmir. Read more

Lac Handicrafts Lac Handicrafts are one of the most important handicrafts of Rajasthan. These handicrafts are known for their beauty and vibrancy. Read more

Leather Handicrafts In the dry and barren land of Rajasthan, leather manufacture was the mainstay of the Raigar community. Read more

Meenakari Handicrafts In Persian, the feminine form of Minoo is Mina, meaning heaven. Mina spells the Azure color of heaven. Iranian craftsmen of Sasanied era invented this art. Read more

Metal ware of Rajasthan Skillful artisans romance with metal resources of Rajasthan to transform them into gorgeous craft pieces. Read more

Paintings Of Rajasthan One of the oldest techniques of garment art-work, Bandhani is mentioned in ancient Indian scriptures and manuscripts. Read more
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