Metal ware of Rajasthan

Origin: Rajasthan is home to abundance of mental and stone resources. Brass, silver and white metal make the metal ware of Rajasthan. Skillful artisans romance with these metal resources to transform them into gorgeous craft pieces. 

Temples speak volumes of the magnificence of metal ware. Temple platforms addressed as chauki illustrate the luminous intricate metal etching. Chauki corners are dressed with Kalsha, a metal ware decoration craft. The other items that are beautifully carved are crowns, canopies, umbrellas, and seats.

Present Day: Jaipur is the centre for chased, engraved, enamelled, lacquered and encrusted metal ware. Rajasthan’s metal ware encapsulates artistic brass work, coated, carved and filigree cut work. Traditional designs are still breathing thanks to copious techniques such as hammered, chased or embossed and the motifs are of flowers, hunting scenes and landscapes. Lacquered and engraved brass ware is available in the form of: hanging lamps, boxes, bowls, picture frames, and plates. 

The most popular creations in Rajasthan’s silver craft are wine cups, silver embossed decorative boxes, decorative human figures, cigarette lighter cases and photo frames. 

Some of the household items made in brass are incense burners with perforated leaves, and handles in the shape of snakes, parrots, peacocks, or lotus stalks. Swings are also a popular decorative items of household furniture in Rajasthan. Filigree silver is another metal ware of Rajasthan that is as exquisite as fine lace. This silverware is used for making beautiful table and furniture, spice bottles, cutlery and other decorative items.  Jodhpur city is also famous for water carriers made of zinc. 

Procedure: Jodhpur, the main centre for handicraft iron, is popular for its aluminium shields as well as trophies. Jaipur, Ajmer, and Pushkar are home to Koftagiri, a technique practiced by very few artisans, where light-coloured metal is inlaid on a darker surface. Originally, the Koftagiri technique was used for weapons. In this, a mixture of lime juice and sand is rubbed on the metal surface to give it a blue-black gloss. Vivid enamel is given to highlight the beaten brass ware. 

The different techniques involved in the process of metal ware are hammering chasing, perforation, piercing and finishing. Jaipur and Jodhpur are two cities famous for metal ware that produce the same in huge quantities. 

A blunt chisel is employed to trace design imprints onto the metal surface.  A variation of bidri is done on plain or gilded brass and copper vessels. To carve floral pattern the background is punched away around the relief work. This is then filled with black lac. The floral designs sparkle in contrast to their black background. The work is titled marori. Chrakwan is an artwork produced by black pattern on copper or brass background. 

The famous silver articles like handas or water containers, spice bottles, baskets, trays and white metal articles command sizable export markets. Metal items are also exported all across the world have huge demand in Countries like USA, UK, UAE, France etc.

Bring Home Silver: You can buy this handicraft from local markets across Rajasthan.

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