Applique Craft of Odisha Applique work, a french word for “to apply”, is a technique of textile embellishment where one piece of cloth is superimposed on another fabric. Read more

Gond Paintings of Odisha The word Gond is inspired from the word Kond, meaning green mountains. Read more

Silver Filigree of Odisha Tarakasi or Silver filigree in english, is a delicate type of work made from silver. Read more

Kansa Utensils of Odisha As per Assamese wedding ritual, the Bride and Groom serve guests on a ‘bota’ crafted out of bell metal. This alloy’s connotations dates back to Ahom dynasty in Assam. Read more

Sea Shell Craft of Odisha Historians opine that shell craft was one of the prominent industries during the Harappan period. Read more
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