Gond Paintings of Odisha

Origin: The word Gond is inspired from the word Kond, meaning green mountains.  The outside world address the Gond community as Gond, but the title they give themselves is Koi or Koiture. 

The artistic tribe of Gond has blind faith in the fact that viewing a good image brings good luck. Thus, traditional tattoos and motifs adorned the walls and floors of Gond people. Initially, this was carried on with decorative and symbolic art believed to fight off evil and invite optimism during Dighna festival.

Like other forms of paintings, these paintings also gives glimpses of the bygone era. Odisha is home to paintings dating back to nearly 1400 years. So, it’s believed that the Gond community has been following the footsteps of their ancestors. The reason being there are cave paintings dating back to Mesolithicbu Period.  Jangarh Singh Shyam was the first Gond artist to employ canvas and paper for his artworks. 

Present Day:  The world is enamoured by Gond art. Gond paintings have transformed to meet the contemporary needs. They are spotted on mouse-pads, key-chains, pen stands, clothes and mugs. Indian Government has adopted various steps to promote the beauty of tribal art, Gond paintings have become quite popular. 

Procedure: All natural sources are used for its colors, tools and techniques. Firstly, an outline is drawn and filled with black hues. Once it dries, elaborate patterning is done. This lends a three-dimensional effect to the designs. Gond artists make use of texture to impart shine. 

Labelled as ‘on line work’, Gond paintings are done when artist impeccably draw the inner as well as outer line. This has an immediate effect on the viewer. The artist sketches lines in such a manner that they convey a sense of movement. To impart a greater sense of movement dots and dashes are added.  In this form of painting, bright vivid colours such as white, red, blue and yellow are used. 

Gond belief system states that, everything from a hill, river, rock or a tree is sacred. Thus, to offer their respects to them they are painted.  A reflection of man’s close connection with his natural surroundings, Gond paintings take inspiration from nature. 

Bring Home Gond Paintings:  Decorate the walls of your house with Gond paintings and for all you know the Gond tradition might hold true filling your life with good luck!!  Shop for these paintings at emporiums. 

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