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Historically engraved, mysteriously crafted, religiously nurtured and traditionally passed on Indian crafts are precious economic and cultural assets of the country. The tradition of crafts in India have witnessed depredation of time, foreign invasions, poverty and yet continues to flourish.

Historical tales of Indian handicrafts can be traced back to almost 5000 years back. Fragments of Indus Valley Civilization such as pottery, sculpture (metal, stone and terracotta), jewelry, weaving… illustrate the high degree of technical excellence with which they have been crafted. Vedas are punctuated with references of artisans involved in pottery making, weaving, wood craft etc.

In the Mauryan age, 84,000 stupas are said to be built in India. Golden period in the history of Indian crafts – Mughal Age - acquainted India with methods such as inlay work, glass engraving, carpet weaving, brocades, enameling etc. Thus, India has been proudly enjoying the reputation for producing the world’s most beautiful, well-crafted and elegant handicrafts that embodies the elixirs of passion, beauty and skill.

Today, presence of Indian handicrafts can be felt in almost every house hold of the country. Indian handicrafts are generally handmade or crafted with the help of few tools. They rarely call for machine work.

Handicrafts have emerged as one of the fastest developing sector of India and play an integral role in Indian exports and foreign income. Indian handicrafts include a wide variety of work like ART- METALWARE, WOODWARE, MARBLE ARTEFACTS and SCULTURES, JEWLLERY, ANTIQUES, PAINTINGS etc. Craffi was born from an ardent desire to create an informative craft portal than uncovers the secret layers of history that the simple artisans of India have been quietly passing on from one generation to another.

India crafts have been woven with the threads of religious values, needs of common people and desires of Maharajas. At Craffi, we pay homage to such stories as we showcase tales about the origin of crafts, the procedure of making them, and much more. The present structure of Indian Handicraft is a perfect confluence of tradition and modernity and we are here to display this amalgamation to you in details. At Craffi, we offer plethora of information about the art and crafts of India.

Take a leap into the world of crafts and you will be enchanted by its true splendor and charm. Happy Reading!!

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