Metal Craft of Andhra Pradesh

Origin: There is no pin-point in history available to know when metal crafts emerged, however archaeological finds prove that usage of metal is as old as the Harappan civilization of 5000 years ago or closer home to the Gupta empire where metal coins circulated, dating back to 320 CE (roughly 2500 years ago).

Naturally available resources leak their way into local customs and traditions.  Andhra Pradesh has won accolades in metal casting. 
Present Day: The talented craftsmen of Andhra Pradesh indulge in copious metals such as brass, alloy, silver etc for crafting metal items. They most make Gods figures or play around ancient legends.

Andhra Pradesh’s silver filigree items speak volumes of intricate designs made out thin silver wires. 

Procedure:  Iron, or Brass is heated and the molten is poured into moulds and/or hammered and beaten into the required shape.
Lost wax casting (Bharai Kaam) is chiefly a tribal craft, where a wax mould is created from an existing item, so in essence an exact negative is made. Once the wax has dried, hot metal is poured into the wax mould, after the metal has hardened, the wax is drained away. 

There is another art of Metal Handicrafts which makes use of wired metal. This technique is famous in Tikamgarh. This wired art is famous for making traditional utensils and tribal jewelry like paayal (anklet), bichua (toe ring), maala(necklace)... etc

These handicrafts are exported all across the world and are frequently exhibited in Japan, France, Australia, USA and other countries.

Bring Home Metal Craft of Andhra Pradesh: You can find these metal handicrafts at various emporiums like Andhra Pradesh Emporium in Guntur, Tribal Craft markets, and Handicrafts emporium. Stop by at Punarnuva Crafts Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, Intelligence India Ltd, Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh, Asia Expo, Hyderabad, Adroit Continental, Hyderabad, India and Shrishti Art Gallery, Hyderabad, India to take home amazing pieces. 

For animal, human figurines and traditional utensils, one can check out the various online market places. A large number of handicraft start-ups are selling these items. Click on to buy handicraft items. 

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