Cane and Bamboo Handicrafts of West Bengal

Origin: Cane and Bamboo handicrafts are one of the oldest craft forms of India. It has been practiced since ancient times.  Environment friendly and user friendly because of it is light-weight, it is the most precious art forms of India. 

Present Day:  More than 35000 artisans are involved in this art form in West Bengal.  The Government of West Bengal supports this art form and has been promoting this craft extensively.  Bamboo and Cane crafts of West Bengal are renowned for their extensive use and popularity amongst the wood industry.  Cane and Bamboo crafts are in high demand because of its designs and intricacy. This stylish art form has worked as a great alternative for wood. 

The products made out of Cane and Bamboo have a great shelf life with minimum maintenance. Cane and Bamboo is used to manufacturing furniture, decorative items and other utility goods. The most famous products of Cane and Bamboo are furniture, mats, lampshades, trays, baskets, bags, handbags, jewellery etc. 

Baskets made from Mutra Cane are used for carrying loads of stones and bricks in laborious job. Cane is also used for making containers and baskets in different shapes and sizes.  The artisans from Bengal make little treasures in different shape and sizes such as using cane and bamboo that are used as home decors. They use patterns and motifs like checks, Zig- Zag pattern, diamond shape, diagonal shape, twill pattern, flat strips, animals, birds and humans. 

Bamboo and Cane are extensively used for manufacturing furniture. One of the most famous creation from bamboo is Flute (world famous musical instrument). There is a huge variety of Bamboo available in West Bengal. The variety depends upon the quality of Bamboo i.e. whether it’s thick, thin, hollow etc. 

Procedure:  In West Bengal, cane is used to craft varied products. One of the most famous is Mutra Cane, it is mostly found in the Northern region of West Bengal. In Mutra cane, artisans cut cane into the shape of leaf (pati). This cane product is painted in bold Magenta colour to bring out the design of leaves. Mutra Cane is durable therefore it creates beautiful and strong baskets. 

One of the greatest examples of the craftsmanship is Sitalpati that is mat made out of flat strips of Mutra Cane. These smooth finished mats are also known as coolness mat because they keep the environment cool. 

Bamboo and Cane is one of the highly requested and acclaimed all across the world. Bamboo and Cane products have great demand in the international market and contribute significantly in the growth of economy and foreign exchange earnings for the country.

Bring Home Cane: These cane crafts are available all across the shops of West Bengal. 

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