Dogra Jewelry

Origin: Dogra jewellery is the collection of ornaments worn by the people of Dogra community. Dogra people are an ethno-linguistic group predominantly from the region of Jammu. It gleams of the rich traditional culture of Dogras from Jammu and Kashmir exhibiting fine craftsmanship and scintillating design. 

Dogra Rajput started the tradition of Dogra jewellery in 18th century. Women everywhere love jewellery, the connection of Indian women however is on many more levels. Every Indian women no matter the socio-economic standing will wear her jewels with aplomb. Jewellery is received in the form of wedding gifts,family heirlooms , as a symbol of commitment and even as a sign of where they belong. 

Present Day: Traditional dogri jewellery is still very much alive in villages where you will see women wearing it in their day to day lives. 

Dogra jewellery has its own collection of styles and designs that have been carried on from generations. Women wear heavy gold kanthis on their necks like a choker, gokhrus on their hands, jhumkas & balis on their ears and arsis on their fingers. Other distinctive jewellery items are Nupura, a large anklet worn by women and chaunk phool, a type of silver cap or a crown work under the veil. The Dogri nath or nose ring has a special religious significance, it is a sign of a married lady, it is work on the left hand side and a gold chain connects it to the ear or hair. Many dogri brides wear the Naama set, which consists of minakari embellished in gold with poth strings making it a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

Dogri jewellery due to its uniqueness has gained in popularity, it is also sold nationwide in jewellery stores. It is not uncommon for people from vastly different regions of India to proudly wearing Dogri jhumkas (earrings) or other popular dogri jewellery. 

Procedure:  In Jammu, you will find each family has their own goldsmith. Often these goldsmiths have been born into the gold jewellery designing and selling business. As each Dogri design has a specific set and mold, the gold is melted into these molds and local artisans embellish them with beautiful and intricate Dogri designs, as they have been doing for generations

Traditional dogra jewellery has a huge demand overseas and is exported to over 100 nations, a few of them are U.K, Germany, Netherland, Italy, France and Gulf Countries etc. 

Bring Home: This exquisite one of a kind Dogra jewellery can be bought at J&K Government Arts Emporium. You can also find it at Raghunath Bazaar and Hari Market of Jammu and State emporium.


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