Wooden Carved Handicrafts from Gujarat

Origin: The woodwork is an ancient form of art and is as old as 12th century. One of the most famous handicrafts of Gujarat is Woodwork. Wood is found in abundance in this area which in results gives the beautiful woodwork.

Present Day:  The government of Gujarat supports their states vibrant crafts. This handicraft plays an important role in providing employment to locals. This art form can be found in almost every household and is passed on from generation to generation. Wood carved products involve a lot of craftsmanship, are expensive and each product takes time to complete.

Palanpur and Bhuj are known for its beautiful carved doors. The from Gujarat’s woodwork embraces different motifs ranging from animals, birds like parrot, peacock, and leaves. Woodwork and wood carving from Gujarat includes Pataras, tables, chairs, bedsides, low height seats, trousseau boxes (Trunks), jewelry boxes, trays, and decorative pieces like frames, wooden carved mirrors, lamps etc. Junagadh and Doraji in Rajkot district are famous for cradles with stands, cupboards and swing. Surat is known for wood inlay. Vadodara is famous for Lacquered furniture. Junagarh, Palanpur, Bhavnagar, Sankheda, Bhuj, Vadodara, Surat, Kutchh, and Rajkot are the places famous for the woodwork.

Wood inlay work of Surat is also famous and involves placing of pieces of ivory, plastic, horn, bone, metal, and fine wires into carved surfaces.

Procedure: Wood carving products are made using different parts of the tree like root, trunk and the branches. The products are made by selecting the wood after studying the wood grains. Once the design and the figure is selected, the log of the wood is elected as per the product to be made. Then the process of carving is initiated by using different types of tools like knives, gouges and saw etc. The last step of this process is polishing and adding finishing touches to the product. Products made out of roots are very expensive. Mostly the price is dependent on the craftsmanship and detailed carving.

Bring Home Wood Carved Handicrafts: These handicrafts can be found at different state emporiums like Gujarat State Emporiums and Handicrafts.

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