Wood Craft of Jharkhand

Origin: Originally a tribal state and once a dense forest, wood craft has been a repercussion of using wood articles to fashion household requirements. These household items started depicting the tales of craftsmanship of the makers. Since ancient times, artisans of this region have dipped their fingers in beautifully designing treasures such as door panels, boxes and windows besides wooden spoons etc. 

Present Day: Wood carving is one of the most thriving industries of Jharkhand. The reason being this region is encircled by forests leading to abundance of wood availability. Jharkhand has evolved itself in producing bamboo based products in a structured manner. Thus, its handicraft sector is providing job opportunities to a large percentage of artisans.  

The Chota Nagpur plateau region of Jharkhand is densely populated with bamboo grooves and tribes of this region are experts in making exquisite baskets, cane products. Bamboo is put in action to craft little pieces of art such as fishing equipment, baskets, boxes and decorative items.  Trays, bowls, cigarette boxes, vases, table lamps, wall plaque, jewellery boxes, ornamental caskets, hanging mirrors, photo frames etc. are some of the loved wood carving products.  Certain furniture items such as doors, bedstead, dressing units, tables, chairs, windows etc. are adorned with intricate wood carving.  

Procedure: Wood Carving is a laborious job as it calls for patience, precision and skill. The fine quality work and wood makes this art form popular. The bamboos available here are thin yet flexible and strong. Using these, the artisans produce copious artifacts like basket, hunting and fishing equipment.

Root, Trunk, Branches and many other tree parts are used to make these wood carving products. To make these stunning products firstly the wood is selected after analyzing wood grains. Once the design is zeroed upon, the log is elected to make products. Then, the process of carving is initiated by using different types of tools such as knives, gouges and saw etc. The last step of this process is polishing and adding finishing. 

Wood carved products have huge demand overseas and are exported in different parts of the world like USA, U.K, Germany, France, Italy, UAE, Canada etc. These craft products have contributed in a big way to Indian economy. 

Bring Home Wood Crafts: You can buy these wooden carved treasures from different parts of Jharkhand and local markets.

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