Toy Art of Jharkhand

Origin: The origin of toy making craft is hidden in the dense forests of Jharkand. Legend has it that the abundance of woods resulted in the birth of this handicraft. 

Present Day: In the stone carving regions of Jharkand and around Ranchi, resides families who for generations have reveled in the fine art of toy making. The time consuming process is passed on from one generation to another; as little kids join their parents in transforming wood in toys. This art form is much loved by children and it also serves as a beautiful decorative item. It is the aesthetic skills and innovation of craftsmen of Jharkhand that has made these toys very popular among tourists. The dwellers here are engaged in the practice of making these toys. 

Toupadana is famed for manufacturing abstract wooden toys. These pieces of wood are brushed to appear like human figures with angular lines minus any separate limbs. Hands are fascinatingly indicated by painting lines on the body. Even today, in Jharkhand weddings, these toy play a significant role. Toy traders recreate the Lord Rama’s wedding of or that of Lord Ganesha with toys.  Artist make figures of Lord Rama, Lord Ganesha, and Goddesses Sita that are lovingly brushed with beautiful colors and are clad in beautiful clothes. 

Procedure: Raw materials such as clay, mud, wood, cloth etc. are married to give birth to toys. However, mostly they are made of wood. That is cut and shaped in line with the requisite figure. Then, these toys are painted with canary paint. 

Crafters often use cloth, cotton and other fabric for toy making. Many embellishments such as beads, threads, feathers, tassels, charms etc. are also used. Agile puppets are crafted out of palm leaf sliver. Pink dots are made with finger add a dash of charm to these puppets.

These paintings are exported to different countries and earn a huge revenue as an export item. Some of these counties are USA, UK, UAE, France, Germany, Trinidad etc.

Bring  Home: You can buy these toys through craft shops and exhibitions. 

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