Crochet Craft of Goa

Origin:  The origin of crochet craft is embroidered with three theories. Some historians state that its birth place is Arabia and from there it spread its wings to Tibet, Spain and other Mediterranean countries. Others opine that a primitive tribe residing in South America introduced crochet as they used crochet adornments in puberty rites. Then again, China’s ancient craft items are dolls worked in crochet. 

The Renaissance period witnessed womenfolk gather together to manufacture lace like fabric using crochet.  During the bygone era, all crochet work was done using fingers instead of hooks. One of the oldest known crochet work dates back to 1500 BC. It is a nun’s work that includes needlepoint lace and bobbin lace. Around 1580 references have been made to type of chained trimming. 

The popularity of crochet came to a pause post World War II. The reason being both resources and manpower dipped. Women were recruited to work in factories and thus they no longer had the time to craft crochet baby Afghans. 

Goa, the land where different cultures greet each other, embraces historic love for this handicraft. Portuguese can be credited for instilling crochet in Goan culture.  Traditionally, every bride’s dowry encloses crochet and embroidery work. Every household in Goa is decorated with crochet that is passed from one generation to another. 

Initially, the items made out of crochet were hankies, table clothes, children and ladies garments, pillow and cushion covers and bed spreads etc.  

Present Day: Today, the demand for crochet is sky high. It is an essential element of the Indian handicraft industry. Also, designers play with it to create gorgeous pieces.

The array of items crafted out of crochet are Coasters, Doilies, Runners, Curtains, Bed Covers, Pullovers, Tops, Handkerchiefs, Table covers, Bookmarks etc.  Established in 1980, The Goa Handicrafts Rural & Small Scale Industries Development Corporation (GHRSSIDC LTD), a Government of Goa Undertaking is registered under the Companies Act, 1956. The endeavor of GHRSSIDC is to encourage the sale of rural, cottage, handicrafts, village industries set in Goa. They have been supporting, encouraging and creating a market for the Goa crochet handicraft makers.

Process: The crochet crafting process calls for crochet hook and yarn. These two are the main tools, the other basic raw materials are employed to count stiches, measure crochet fabric and grove. The different types of crochet are Filet crochet, Irish crochet, Broomstick lace, Hairpin lace, and Tunisian Crochet. 

Bring Home Crochet Craft of Goa: To bring home this ancient craft of Goa stop by Panjim, Ponda, Mangueshi and Mapusa.

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