Budithi Craft of Andhra Pradesh

Origin: Budithi, a village in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh is the birthplace for Budithi brass craft items. Budithi brass craft are items that are reproduced after artisans play with alloy such as brass. The mention of Budithi brings to mind the images of stunning figures made out of metal alloys that embrace a distinct sheen and quality. The signature style for these craft items is simple yet striking geometric and floral patterns. Most of these craft items are adorned with geometric shapes with curves and straight lines. 

Back in the bygone era, Budithi brass craft was employed for multiple purposes such as temple bell, utensils, decorative pieces, pots etc. The high resonate characteristic of this unique craft made it the perfect choice for temple bells. The characteristic panache of Budithi brass craft items is that its pots and jugs have slender necks. Also, black and gold rings are its unique features. 
The ancient pages of history are dotted with brass items. With time, Budithi gained popularity and brought fame to Budithi village the reputation for best brassware craft.

Present Day: Even today, life in the tiny village Budithi revolves around crafting masterpieces out of alloy. Historic Budhithi craft items still hold significance in each and every household of Andhra Pradesh. 

Artisans have married their tradition art form to contemporary styles.  Repercussions of this are shapes swinging from rustic traditional style to evolved modern ones.  In addition, product list has progressed from traditional temple bells to lamps, jars, mirrors, planters etc. Floral patterns and geometric lines continue to find solace on the Budithi craft items.  

A plentiful of start-ups have picked up the initiative of supporting ancient handicrafts. A large number of handicraft start-ups are selling Budithi craft items. Thus, paving new market opportunities for them.  Even, the State Government has been encouraging Budithi craft and working on keeping the popularity of this craft alive. It was registered as one of the geographical indication handicraft from Andhra Pradesh as per Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999.

Procedure: To create Budithi craft two separate shades of brass are beaten till the desired shape is achieved. This is followed by welding. To craft the vessel’s moth casted ring is welded to the completed sphere. Later, scraping out of the outer lining is done.  Lastly, it’s polished. 

Although, the above mentioned process is similar to any other historic bronze casting one.  The differentiating factor here is the craftsmanship and native touch.  During the process of creation, a tell-tale black coating is done using only local resources. A non -toxic black powder is employed for coating. 

Bring Home Budithi Craft of Andhra Pradesh:  To decorate your home with this ancient craft stop by craft shops and emporiums in Hyderabad. 

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