Folk Paintings of Madhya Pradesh The folk paintings of Madhya Pradesh are famous for their beautiful representation of art combined with daily lives of tribal people of Madhya Pradesh. Read more

Carpets of Madhya Pradesh Being the geographic heart of the country, Madhya Pradesh is bathed in copious cultural influences. The invaders who entered Madhya Pradesh left behind their artistic footprints. Read more

Doll and Toys of Madhya Pradesh Tribes have a long history of introducing beautiful crafts.Among the many things that have been presented by tribes, the art of dolls and toys craft remains the most loved. Read more

Metal Craft of Madhya Pradesh Roots of metal craft in Madhya Pradesh lie in its production of Iron and Copper. Read more

Bagh Printing of Madhya Pradesh The roots of Bagh craft are buried in Larkana in Sindh (now a part of Pakistan). Read more
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